"The ELMO" Visual Presenter


Although it has been in existence for some time, "ELMO" gained a great notoriety among attorneys during the O.J. Simpson case, when ELMO was used to present a great deal of evidence to the jury. But the ELMO used in that trial was large and cumbersome. This ELMO weighs only 5 pounds, and comes with a deluxe carrying case that is not much bigger than a purse! Best of all, not only is it much easier to carry, it costs only half as much as it's bulky predecessors!

So, just what exactly is ELMO?
ELMO is a device which allows attorneys to display physical evidence, including photographs, 3-D objects (like a gun, knife or broken part), and documents, onto a TV monitor or projection screen (when combined with a multimedia projector). With its 10-X zoom lens, you can fill the entire screen with an object as small as 1-inch! Our favorite demonstration techniques is to place a penny under the ELMO, then zoom in to full magnification. When you do this, you can see Lincoln sitting in his chair in the center of the Lincoln Memorial! This is a great example, because that is something that many jurors may not have been able to see even if they were holding the penny in their hands!

The ELMO is also extremely helpful in focusing a jury's attention on just the portion of the evidence that you want them to concentrate on. For example, if you have an accident photo, and you want them to concentrate on the tire, you can zoom in and fill the screen with just the tire. The image is still in context, and now the jury is focusing on the tire, instead of the windshield!

In addition, you can even hook ELMO up to a VCR, and record your images (and even your voice as a narration) onto video tape! This is great for videotaped depositions, expert witness testimony, and even for just making notes to review later.

If this sounds great, just wait until you see ELMO for yourself! Call us today for a free, no-obligation demonstration!



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