Create Your Own
Blow-Ups of
PowerPoint Slides,
Photographs &

PowerPoint Charts
Charts help make your point.
The Full Color Printer Prints large photos so that the jury can see what details you need for them to see.
X-Rays and Ultrasounds

Annotated Document
Medical Illustrations
Document Cut Out/Blow-Up
Opening/Closing Statements


As an attorney, you give very important presentations. Let’s face it, millions of dollars may be on the line when you give a presentation in court. Most attorneys already recognize what a powerful tool a PowerPoint presentation can be in the courtroom, but also still like the functionality and effectiveness of foamboard blow-ups. The new full-color ExhibitPro Exhibit Printer from Presentation Solutions marries these two formats, allowing attorneys to produce full-color photographs and PowerPoint presentations in foamboard blow-up format!

Create PowerPoint Blow-Up Exhibits That Look As Good As They Do On Your Computer Screen!
The new full-color ExhibitPro Exhibit Printer connects directly to your desktop or laptop computer, and will print any PowerPoint or other graphic file (such as anatomical drawings) in minutes! Anything that you can create on your computer can be printed. A 24” x 36” full-color exhibit prints in less than 4 minutes, and costs less than $10 (compared to more than $70 for exhibits that are sent-out)! Opening statement exhibits, timelines, graphs and charts, as well as closing argument visuals, are all just a mouse-click away!

Create “Picture-Perfect” Photographic Blow-Ups!
Scan any photograph and print a large, 24” x 36” blow-up (up to 36” x 48” with the Deluxe model) with remarkable clarity! By combining the new full-color ExhibitPro Exhibit Printer with a special high-resolution scanner, full-size blow-ups can be created from pictures as small as wallet-size, and without the distortion often associated with enlarging an image! Not only will you now be able to afford to have as many high-impact, full-color blow-ups as you wish, but the convenience of being able to produce these blow-ups in-house will ensure that you are never without a desired exhibit again!

Add Custom Annotation To Your Vital Documents And Photographs!
Presentation Solutions will also show you how to highlight a portion of a document with a colored box, and then break out just the boxed-in portion and blow it up even further! This will keep everything in context, yet allow the jury to focus on exactly the portion of the document that is vital to your case.

A Fully-Matched, Integrated Solution!
Our custom package includes not only the full-color Exhibit Printer, but also a special high-resolution scanner that has been factory-calibrated to the Exhibit Printer. This accomplishes two important factors – first, the color palette of the scanner perfectly matches the color palette of the printer, so the colors on your blow-up perfectly match the colors of your original. In addition, the matched-scanner automatically scales the image to the size of the blow-up, thus eliminating distortion!

PowerPoint Instruction Included!
So you’ve never worked with PowerPoint, scanned in a photo, or even turned on a computer? No problem! Presentation Solutions also includes a PowerPoint training seminar with the purchase of your full-color ExhibitPro. We will completely set up and calibrate your ExhibitPro Exhibit Printer for you, and then teach you and your staff how to scan, create and print powerful full-color exhibits, just like the ones featured on the adjoining page. If you have a trial coming up, we can even teach you by using materials for your case, so you learn and prepare for your case at the same time!

PC Magazine Recommends The ExhibitPro!
Want a third-party opinion? In regard to quality, PC Magazine had this to say about the ExhibitPro: “(The ExhibitPro) gives you gorgeous output at breathtaking speeds.” They also said its “…output qualifies as true photo-quality when viewing poster-size output from an appropriate distance.” In regard to the ExhibitPro’s value, PC Magazine went on to say, “Need some hard numbers as ammo for your accounting department? Canon estimates that printing a large (2’ x 3’) glossy poster with (The ExhibitPro) costs $3.86. Our local Kinko’s charges $72 for the same size print.” Finally, PC Magazine’s “Bottom Line” is as follows: “Even if you need only a few wide-format images every two months, (the ExhibitPro) can pay for itself.”

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