The Exhibit Printer

The Exhibit Printer - A Trial Attorney's Most Fundamental Tool

Blow-ups remain today the preferred method to present documents in court. Now there is a quick, easy and cost-effective way to produce large, powerful blow-ups instantly, right in your own office! The Exhibit Printer blows up any document into a trial-size exhibit, up to 3' x 4', in only 60 seconds! Once you have this system, you'll never be without a key exhibit again!

Fast And Convenient - Any Exhibit Is Only 60 Seconds Away!
>Many attorneys go without key exhibits because they simply run out of time. That problem is eliminated with the Exhibit Printer. Imagine these scenarios...

Scenario A: You're heading over to court in five minutes, and you discover a key document has not been blown up. What do you do?
Solution: Blow it up in 60 seconds with the Exhibit Printer!
Scenario B: The opposing council introduces a new document into evidence. You would love to cross-examine with the document, because you want the jury to be able to see the flaws in it which you will point out. What do you do?
Solution:  Take the Exhibit Printer with you to court. Ask for a five-minute recess, blow up the document and show the jury why the document is flawed!
Scenario C: The judge issues a set of confusing jury instructions. What do you do?
Solution: Take the Exhibit Printer with you to court. Blow up the jury instructions on the spot, and go over them with the jury both orally and visually

Cost Effective - As Low As $2.00 Per Exhibit!

Many attorneys also go without exhibits because of the high cost of having exhibits prepared - as much as $40 - $60 in many instances. The Exhibit Printer changes this situation dramatically! With this system, a
2' x 3' exhibit costs only $2.00, and an extra-large 3' x 4' exhibit costs only $4.00. This accomplishes two things:

  1. Use exhibits in every case! Even for small and low-dollar-amout cases, it enables you to still use exhibits (which make you more effective and persuasiv>e) without running up a large tab for expenses; and
  2. For attorneys who receive payment only when they win the case, this system is a blessing. If a case could swing either way, the Exhibit Printer allows you to create the exhibits that may tip the scales in your favor. Even if the ruling should go against you, if you had prepared 10 exhibits on this system, your out-of-pocket costs for these exhibits would only be $20 - $40. That's an almost-negligible amount when compared to the potential benefit of it helping you to win your case!

Easy to Use!
If you've ever heard people say a system is easy to use, well, the Exhibit Printer takes top honors! See for yourself how easy it is!

That's all there is to it!

Now for the Best Part - Let Your Clients Buy It For You!
Up until now, firms have sent out for exhibits and simply billed the client for the cost. If the average cost of an exhibit was $40.00, the client paid $40.00. Most firms who purchase this system assign a standard charge per exhibit, for example, $20.00. The client is happy, because they would have paid $40.00 if the firm had not had the Exhibit Printer. The firm is happy, because they are recovering the cost of the system! In summary, everyone wins . . . except your opponent!

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