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Create Your Own Street Signs-In less Than Five Minutes!

Create a Street Sign In Less Than Five Minutes? Seriously??
You bet! The new MAX Sign System produces high-quality, outdoor-grade street signs and more, straight from your PC! Using simple (yet powerful!) sign-creation software, simply type in the name of a street, choose the size of the letters (up to 8 inches), and click "Print." That's it! The MAX Sign System then cuts out the street name you typed from a roll of outdoor-grade vinyl, in either standard or reflective material. You then simply remove the excess vinyl, apply the applicator sheet, place it on the sign-blank, and you're done! All in less than five minutes!!!

Not Just Street Signs - Just About ANY Sign!
Most road departments justify the MAX Sign System entirely on its street sign and 911 applications - yet it can do so much more! The MAX Sign System bas the ability to "tile" - meaning the 8-inch cutter can create letters, numbers and symbols up to 15 inches high, thus allowing you to create virtually any sign you might need. This includes STOP signs, NO PARKING signs, directional signs and more. You can also label your maintenance and office facilities, as well as create customized lettering and graphics for your vehicles! The possibilities are endless!

Dramatically Reduce Your Expenditures On New & Replacement Signs!
In addition to being much quicker and easier to produce your signs by using the MAX Sign System, it is also much less expensive to produce your own signage! A 6" x 24" two-sided street sign costs as little as $3.50 to letter! Additionally, if only one or two letters of a sign are damaged, you can simply replace just those letters, saving your department even more money!

A Wide Variety Of Supplies, And All In-Stock!
MAX offers a wide assortment of supply colors (including reflective!) from which to choose, all in outdoor-grade quality, as well as a variety of street-sign blanks and other sign-backings. And Presentation Solutions keeps most items in-stock - so you don't have to! In most cases, orders placed by 2:00 P.M EST are shipped the same day! And since our warehouse is located in Louisville, Kentucky - which is home to a UPS shipping hub - you receive your supplies lightning-fast!

One-On-One Personal Training
We personally train our customers how to do everything they want to do with their new MAX Sign System! We sit down with you one-on-one, and teach you how to fully utilize the system and software. So whether you're a tech-junkie, or wish computers had never been invented, we will stay until you're completely comfortable creating any sign or label you need! We also offer a free tech support hotline, for as long as you own your system!

Receive A FREE, On-Site Personal Demonstration
We know that it's hard to believe that a street sign can really be created in less than five minutes! Why not see for yourself? Allow us the privilege of coming to your facility for a FREE, on-site demonstration, and while we're there we will make for you some street signs that you actually need! You'll get to see for yourself how quick and easy the MAX Sign System is to use, and get some of your work done, too! You can't lose! Call us today!

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With The MAX Sign System, Letter This Vehicle Door For As Little As $3.50!

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