The PosterPrinter™

From Here...
...To Here... 60 Seconds!

Walk into any successful business and notice what you see--visuals. Educational charts, motivational and recognition posters, informational signage, and more. There is an easy way to create big, professional quality posters, signs and banners; all in just minutes. The PosterPrinter™, allows you to enlarge just about anything. Photographs, worksheets, newspaper articles, and more can be enlarged to poster size in only sixty seconds. You can even hook it up directly to your computer and print custom posters and banners in minutes. Create awesome visuals to educate, motivate and communicate.


• Enlarge Worksheets
• Events and Activities
• Recognition and Motivation
• Flip Charts
• Classroom Instruction/Visuals
• Assignment Instructions
• State Standards
• Employee Announcements/

• Tracking Charts
• Goal Statements
• Calendars and Schedules
• Customized Maps
• Mission Statements
• Training Classes
• Directional Signs

Supplies and Aids for the PosterPrinter System

GalaRio Template Gallery
Varitronics Idea Generator
Profinish Laminating and Mounting    System
Paper for PosterPrinters™ Systems
(View as pdf) (Download Word Document)
Easyboard Presentation Holder


The PosterPrinter™ is Easy to Use:
1. Place the original document in scanner... 2. Press the green button... 3. The PosterPrinter® System prints in seconds


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