Some day every boardroom, classroom, and conference room in America
will feature an electronic blackboard that automatically copies,
prints, and distributes exactly what is written on it.

You could put it there today.

Introducing the remarkable new Electronic Copyboard!

More than simply a new product, the Plus Electronic Copyboard is a revolution in learning. Designed to meet the needs of 21st Century minds, the Plus Electronic Copyboard allows students and seminar attendees from all professions to concentrate on what is being said - and not on trying to write it all down!

Three Products in one Compact Package

Designed to improve the productivity and efficiency of any learning environment, the Plus Electronic Copyboard is actually three products in one:

  • A full size, wide writing board, with a
  • Multi-featured high-speed copier, and a
  • Built-in printer.

Put it all together, and it's easy to see why the Plus Electronic Copyboard is the perfect electronic blackboard for today's information-intensive business and educational world.

Like a traditional blackboard, the Plus Electronic Copyboard provides a full size 51" x 36" writing surface. But that's where the comparisons end! With the Plus Electronic Copyboard , an instructor simply writes onthe board, moves the screen along with a touch of a button, copies the information, reduces it if necessary,and prints it out for distribution - all while standing in one place, if desired! The Plus Electronic Copyboard will even copy materials that have been pasted onto the board's surface.

Push-Button Operation Assures Ease of Use
The Electronic Copyboard is designed for total ease of operation. In fact, three operating keys control all of the functions: a Sheet Drive Key to move the screen, a 1-Screen and 2-Screen Reduction Key, and, of course, an On/Off Key. What could be simpler? Not even the traditional blackboard!

Even moving the Electronic Copyboard is a remarkably simple matter. The thin and sleek T-Shaped stand comes finished with caster wheels. Thus, not only is it easy to move around a room, it also stores well just about anywhere.

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