ProImage® Plus PosterPrinter™ System

Here It Is!
This Is "The Poster Maker" That Everyone Has Been Talking About!

The Poster Printer is the remarkable instructional tool that lets you create giant, poster-size enlargements of any document, photograph or computer file you have! Simply put your document or photo into the Poster Printer, push one button, and in 60 seconds your original will be tumed into a 2' x 3' poster! Nearly 1,500 schools in Kentucky, Tennessee and Ohio are already using this system. Just look what it can do for your school...


Motivational Posters
Recognition Signage
Motivate and Reward Students and Faculty with Personalized Posters and Instant Recognition
Everyone likes to be recognized, and everyone likes to see their name or picture displayed. Now imagine the motivational properties that a large poster displayed with a student's name and picture can have! From Student of the Month, to Perfect Attendance, to Honor Roll - anything a student (or faculty member!!) does that deserves recognition can be displayed 'in a big way' - instantly! Plus, this type of reinforcement creates a positive environment and outlook throughout the school!

Boost School Pride and Public Relations with Enlarged Newspaper Articles
When your school, faculty or students are written about in the newspaper, that's a very exciting thing! Most schools cut out the article and put it on the bulletin board...where it gets lost amongst everything else! Except when you have a Poster Printer! Newspaper articles enlarged to poster-size not only get seen and noticed by everyone, but they also make a great public relations tool when they are sent to the family of the individual involved!

Create Banners for Any Occasion, Event or Visitor That's right - Banners! The Poster Printer can create a 10-foot banner for as little as $8.00! Now your school can have professional, custom banners, not just for any occasion, but for every occasion! Just imagine the possibilities - back-to-school, homecoming festivities, dances, award banquets, sporting events, festivals, graduation, even special visitors to your school.. the list goes on and on!


Instructional Charts

Create Your Own Instructional and Standards Posters In addition to its many motivational and communications uses, the Poster Printer is essential for the classroom as well. Schools are creating posters of their standards, test results, expectations, school rules and mission statements. Additionally, they are enlarging worksheets, rubrics, classroom reading charts, and more! When schools make all of these items into posters, and place them throughout the school, it shows they take education seriously, and the students respond in kind!

The Ultimate Fundraising System! Fundraising doesn't have to be a dreaded event! Turn your Poster Printer over to your PT A/PTO or Booster group for a night, and watch your fundraising efforts soar! Create and sell posters of prom and dance pictures, posters of students in their athletic/ cheerleading uniforms, even posters of new babies and grandbabies! Schools are turning just about any event into a prime fundraising opportunity. They generally charge between $5-$10 per poster (the cost is $2.00) and make $3-$7 profit for every poster they sell!

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Supplies and Aids for the PosterPrinter System

Easy to Use:
1. Place the original document in scanner... 2. Press the green button... 3. The PosterPrinter® System prints in seconds

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