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Bring The Capabilities Of An Entire Teacher Resource Center
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What is THE MAX Graphics System?

THE MAX Grpahics System is like a swiss army knife - it does
a bunch of different things! The most common applications are
listed below. click on each one to find out how THE MAX can
help your school in four key areas - what we refer to
as the "4 I's"- Instruction, Inspiration, Information,
and Income!


Electronic Die-Cuts

Custom Award Plaques

Custom School Signage

Custom Outdoor Banners


Car Window Decals

Bumper Stickers

License Plates & More


THE MAX Is An Electronic Die-Cut System!

THE MAX Graphics System is the die-cut system of the 21st Century!  Everyone loves what their manual die-cut machines allow them to do, but many schools are unable to fully utilize these machines, due to the expensive dies that must be   purchased for each new shape, each new font and each new size.  Furthermore, after you have spent thousands of dollars for the acquisition of new dies, you face the challenge of storing them.  It is not unusual for an entire wall, or even an  entire workroom or potential classroom, to be completely taken over by a die-cut machine and its accompanying dies.  Sound familiar?

THE MAX Graphics System solves both of these problems!  Imagine thousands of shapes, letters and numbers – all stored electronically and available to be retrieved instantly, and yet taking up no more space than a single card table!   Furthermore, you will never need to buy a die again!  Since THE MAX system is computerized, you can actually scan in any shape you wish (even one that was hand-drawn) and cut it out on THE MAX Graphics System!  And fonts… THE MAX system has over 350 of them — all pre-loaded!  Now imagine these same shapes and fonts being completely scalable —   being able to be cut from as small as ½-inch up to nearly 8-inches in size!  Thus, your storage space problems are virtually eliminated, and the purchase of additional dies can forever be removed from your annual budgets!

Additionally, suppose you were going to make a bulletin board that read, “Happy St. Patrick’s Day!”  How long would it take you to punch out all those letters, and then staple them up on the bulletin board?  With THE MAX system, simply choose your font and how big you want the letters to be, type in “Happy St. Patrick’s Day” on the keyboard, and click “Print.”  That’s it!  In about two minutes, your letters will be cut and ready to put up.  You can even create your own wall words!

Best of all, THE MAX system uses adhesive-backed vinyl instead of paper!!!  Being a durable vinyl, this eliminates the need to laminate your cut-outs for protection!  Being self-adhesive, this eliminates having to staple or tape each item to a surface!  THE MAX cut-outs can even be applied directly to walls and doors!  And to make it even better, by applying the special transfer tape, you can put entire sentences up at one time, instead of letter by letter!  Your teachers will love this!!!  

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so easy to use!

THE MAX Is The Ultimate Award and Recognition System!

The key (and challenge) to guaranteeing a student’s success is to properly motivate them to want to succeed. One of the best ways to accomplish this is through awards and recognition.

Unfortunately, paper certificates have become so overused that they no longer have the motivational impact that they once did. THE MAX Graphics System changes this by allowing you to create custom, personalized award plaques for anything you deem noteworthy. Thanks to pre-designed (and editable) award templates, you can create custom award plaques, in as little as 60 seconds, and for only$4.00—$5.00 (including the plaque!).  Simply choose the award you wish from the many templates, type the recipient’s name, and click “Print.” That’s all there is to it!  And if you want to give someone an award for something for which there is not a specific template, such as “Best Smile Award” or “Winning Attitude Award,” no problem!  Any of the award templates can easily be edited to create any award you wish - instantly! 

In addition to plaques, THE MAX awards can also be placed on magnets, for as little as $1.50! Many parents like to display their son or daughter’s awards on their refrigerator or car, and an award on a magnet is perfect for this!  Furthermore, THE MAX system can print your awards in multiple colors, and even incorporates your school’s own logo or mascot into the awards, so your awards are truly customized to your school!

Let THE MAX Graphics System help you generate the spark that will help transform your students into life-long high achievers - quickly, easily and inexpensively!

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You can make many different awards

Make Awards quickly and easily!!

THE MAX Professionally Identifies And Labels Your Entire School Facility!

THE MAX Graphics System can also create custom signage for your school facility, including directional signs, classroom identification and informational signage. THE MAX system has numerous signage templates, all of which can also incorporate your school’s logo, for a truly personalized touch!   

One of the most popular applications is labeling teachers’ classrooms!  Most schools label each classroom with a teacher’s name and grade (or subject), but most do so with a simple sheet of paper taped to the door or wall.  With THE MAX system, you can professionally label each teacher’s classroom for less than $1.00 per classroom!  THE MAX system uses the same material that sign shops use to put lettering on businesses and shops. Your teachers will feel valued and appreciated by the professional way you have identified their classrooms, and for a faculty of 50, you will spend less than $50!  Not only is that a phenomenal amount of positive P.R. to generate for a minimal expenditure, but any visitors to your school (perhaps a SACS representative) will be very impressed with the overall professionalism and customization of your signage, as well as the “positive aura” that is given off!

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add a logo to a required sign!

make tags for each classroom!

THE MAX Creates Outdoor Banners Quickly and Inexpensively!

THE MAX Graphics System can also create permanent outdoor banners!  If you’ve ever priced banners like the one below, you know that they run between $150—$200, or more if you need them right away.  THE MAX system even has a template for the banner pictured below. Using this template, you can create the banner shown to the right in about 20 minutes, and for a cost of only about $45.00!

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make banners for sporting events!

Justification For Title 1 Funding


Rewarding Effort & Recognizing




- Create individualized Awards to recognize progress

- Provide positive reinforcement — instantly!

- Create Awards to promote & track positive progress

TITLE 1 Component

Title 1 (Parts A &F)

Title 1 (Parts A & F)

Title 1 (Parts A & F)

Recognize, Identify & Apply Core


- Create your own pertinent “kinesthetic manipulatives”   
for Reading & Math, and promote learning activities
such as note taking and “Mind Maps”

Title 1 (Parts A& F)

Allow Students to Showcase What
They Have Learned

- Create sticker “badges” that students can wear
to let everyone see what they have achieved

Title 1 (Part A)

Learn & Recognize Numbers &Math Symbols

- Create cutout shapes and flash cards to facilitate individualized learning of numbers and math Title 1 (Part A)

Learn & Recognize Letters

- Create cut-outs of letters and punctuation symbols to facilitate the learning of language and reading Title 1 (Part B)

Recognize Names

- Create cutouts and desk labels of each student’s name, which also provides recognition of letters and the mastering of words on sight Title 1 (Part B)

Provide Concrete “Manipulatives” For English Language Development Students

- Create cut-outs and flash cards of any and all 
commonly-used words, tailored to each student
Title 1 (Part B)

Provide Personal Instruction & use “SADIE Methodology” to aid English Language Development Students

- Create relevant and participatory Word Walls   Title 1 (Parts C & D)
Promote Positive Character Development

- Create large Wall Words (Respect, Honesty, etc.) to promote Character Understanding & Development

Character Education

Justifications For THE MAX Graphics System

Justification For AYP Progress

1. Create individual, personalized bumper stickers and self-adhesive badges for students to wear to motivate students to want to achieve and succeed! This also helps motivate parents to support and validate AYP goals!

2. Create custom, individual and personalized awards for any action or accomplishment deemed noteworthy. This motivates students to “make the connection” between effort put forth and achievement attained.

3. Create custom, individual and personalized awards for accomplishments and progress in the core areas of Math, Science and Reading. This instills in students the direct relationship between the rewards earned for the (AYP) goals obtained.

4. Create individualized award plaques and/or magnets for the achievement of Perfect Attendance. This accomplishment greatly enhances a school’s AYP gains, and personalized award plaques are much more motivating than a paper certificate!

5. Create individualized cutouts and flash cards for Word Sorting. This helps teachers promote spelling, phonics, vocabulary, and word recognition.  By creating these items themselves, teachers can focus on whatever words they deem most appropriate.

6. Create both upper- and lower-case alphabet letters, in any of over 300 built-in fonts, to promote letter recognition and sentence building, as well as the learning of cursive letters using script fonts.

7. Create Math and Science symbol manipulatives to aid in the recognition and understanding of key symbols and concepts. This includes fractions, geometric patterns and shapes, and even Greek symbols such as alpha, delta and pi.

8. Cutout shapes are customizable, allowing local-community-specific education to be incorporated into them. For example, teachers can create a cutout of the state of Tennessee, and within the shape of the state, they can place a star where their individual town is located, and even label the name of the town, all of which will be cut out of the shape of the state! Talk about customized!

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THE MAX Is The Ultimate Fundraising System – Allow People To Pay You To Promote Your School!

When was the last time an excited parent asked when you were going to conduct your next fundraiser? Has your school ever had people standing in line to purchase one of your fundraising products? These are very real scenarios for schools using THE MAX Graphics System!

You’ve probably seen personalized window decals on cars all over town…a sports symbol featuring the school and the athlete’s name and jersey number. Parents and students love them, but even though they feature your school’s name, your school has been cut out of the profits… until now! With THE MAX Graphics  System, you can create your own professional, personalizedwindow decals – all  in-house and in minutes!

Create Custom, Personalized Window Decals For Any Sport!

Forget those generic decals – allow your athletes to not only display your school with pride, but also their own names and jersey numbers! Parents, grandparents, girlfriends and boyfriends will want one for every car in the family! Thanks to pre-designed templates, you will be creating (and selling!) window decals, license plates, magnets, bumper stickers and more, all with only 5 minutes of training! Furthermore, the system incorporates your school’s own logo or mascot, for  window decals and bumper stickers that include these as well. Now no one will ever be left out again!

Not Just Sports – Band, Clubs, Activities, and More!

Why limit your recognition to sports? Everyone loves to be recognized for activities in which they are involved!  Now you can create your own window decals for any student activity – Marching Band, Academic Team, Drama Club, Pep Club, JROTC, Honor Roll – anything! The more activities your school chooses to promote, the more people will be able to promote your school and activities to the community – everywhere they drive their cars!

Sell Something That People Actually Want To Buy!!!

This system doesn’t just pay for itself – it actually pays you to own it! You don’t need to create the demand for these decals – people are already buying them by going directly to sign shops. Our research has shown that sign shops generally charge around $10 each (or more!) for these decals – with your school cut completely out of the equation. With THE MAX system, you can create these decals for about $1.00 each!  By selling them for the same $10 price charged by sign shops, you will make around $9.00 profit for every decal you sell! The profit potential is even greater for custom car magnets and license plates. And best yet - most people buy more than one!

The Safety Factor In Fundraising With THE MAX Graphics System…

Perhaps the single most important issue today in regard to traditional fundraising methods involves student safety. Many parents do not want their child to go door-to-door selling discount cards, or standing in the middle of a busy intersection selling doughnuts and candy bars. The potential risk is just too great. THE MAX system lets you do your fundraising right at school!  Many schools set up systems in the cafeteria and at athletic events, and create instant decals for happy customers on the spot. Students are not put at risk, and they even learn valuable computer graphic design skills in the  process! Talk about a win-win scenario!

“Just the other night, we worked the MALE football team fish fry, and we had people lined up for over 2 hours. We couldn’t make them fast enough!  We made over $500 in 2 hours!” -Christy Harris, FBLA Coordinator

MALE High School Louisville, Kentucky

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More Fundraising Ideas...

Bumper Stickers:   THE MAX Graphics System also has nearly 100 templates for bumper stickers!  These templates range from Honor Roll recognition to sports and club participation!  You choose how you want them to be — either generic (such as, “My Child Is…”) or personalized, as in the example at the left.  What’s really great is that you also only create exactly as many as you need!  If you need 37, then you print 37!  No more situations of having to place a minimum order from an outside vendor, and wondering what you will do with all of the extras!  In addition, these bumper stickers can also be placed on magnets, which are        becoming more and more popular! </

License Plates:  THE MAX Graphics System also has nearly 100 templates for customized vanity license plates!  Talk about something popular!  Whether  it’s for sports, clubs, activities or just your school’s logo and name, everyone likes vanity license plates!  The system also has templates for the ever-popular “name” license plates, i.e., “Kristy.” Schools are making a fortune selling these license plates!  The finished license plate in the picture on the left cost around $4.50 to make (including the plate itself).  Schools are selling these for $15.00 (which is a great price), and making $10.50 profit on each one!  

Magnets:  While many states allow vanity license plates on the front of cars, others do not.  In this case, simply sell magnets instead!  Our magnets come in a roll, and are the same width as our license plates, so it is just as easy to make magnets as it is license plates!  The cost of a finished magnet is about the same as a license plate, so schools are selling the magnets for $15.00 also.  That gives you two choices to offer, and whichever one people choose, you make the same amount of profit and it’s just as easy!

Personalized Yard Signs:    Yard signs have become increasingly popular!  In addition to parents being able to proudly display their son or daughter’s status as a member of the local team, they also help promote a sense of comraderie within the community.  In addition to parents, many local  businesses purchase the yard signs and display them near the road,   showing their support for the local team as well!  In regard to these yard signs, it seems actor/singer Jimmy Durante’s famous line holds true, that “everybody wants to get into the act!”  This leads to unparalleled community pride, and phenomenal school profits!

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