Justification For Poster Printer/Label Maker Package
Where To Draw Funds

General Fund:
When purchased by the Central Office for an individual school for use by all schools/teachers, drawing funds from the General Fund is quite logical. This is justified by placing equipment in a central location for all teachers to have access to it. After initial supplies are used up, each school purchases their own supplies.

Uses of equipment by Central Office personnel include: flip charts and presentation visuals for School Board and staff/principals meetings, labeling of buildings and grounds, labeling of buses and school equipment, and visuals for professional development seminars.

Title 1:
Use of equipment for instructional purposes, i.e., classroom visual aids, big books, recognition and achievement posters, motivational materials such as posters, banners, bumper stickers and nametags, etc. Also use Label Maker to label library shelves and mail bins. This is the most common funding source by districts purchasing this equipment, along with the General Fund.

Title 2:
Purchase of package with computer interface for Poster Printer. Presentation charts, certificates, banners and signage can be printed directly from computer via standard printer cable (included). Enables students to see output of computer from across the room. Packaged with Print Driver software, the Poster Printer is compatible with most software applications!

Title 5:
A school can create its own Drug and Alcohol posters, signs, bumper stickers and badges, each customized to a particular event (High School's Senior prom) or slogan. Students can better relate to these materials when they are created for and directed specifically to them.

Head Start/Even Start:
Numerous districts and schools have purchased this system ENTIRELY from these funds. Uses include creation of big books from printed material, creation of "big books" from stories written by students themselves, blowing up workbook and coloring book pages for use by children in small groups, flash cards created on Label Maker, motivational posters (Student of the Week) and recognition bumper stickers (Jane Smith is an Honor Student at Hite Elementary), as well as FLOOR PUZZLES to build shape and pattern recognition. Many other uses also possible.

Public/Community Relations:
The District's P.R. Department also make frequent use of this equipment for banners, signs and posters recognizing business in the community which have supported the school district. Such recognition encourages companies to continue their support.

Special Ed/Visually-Impaired Students:
Some districts receive Federal funds for visually-impaired students. Use this system to enlarge tests, work materials, etc., for these students and utilize these funds.

District Transportation:
Many transportation directors are using the labeling system to label their school buses, which they are currently paying someone else to do now. It saves a great deal of money making the labels within the district, as opposed to ordering them! Furthermore, districts are able to create custom labels for their buses, such as a label identifying the school district, the bus number and the bus operator, all in one label!

Facilities Management:
Many districts are also using both systems to label their buildings and grounds. They create labels for classroom doors instead of spending a fortune on engraved plates. Plus, the turnaround time is instant!

School-to-Work and FBLA
By combining with groups like FBLA, schools are actually forming their own print shop/sign companies, teaching students all aspects of business, as well as developing PR within the community!

Many schools are actually paying for the equipment and ongoing supplies by using the equipment for fundraising activities. Many times the Student Council at a school will set up a booth at the annual school festival, along with some 8 1/2" x 11' originals that say "Super Kid" or "Super Grand Kid." Festival attendees can give them a picture from their purse or wallet, which they will enlarge into a poster and sell for around $5.00. At many festivals, this has been the most popular booth, and for a school to earn over $1,000 is within the realm of possibility!

By the same token, many PTA/PTO organizations do the same, at festivals and their own meetings, and also sell bumper stickers personalized with someone's child's name! This has been extremely successful for many schools!

During tournament time, the schools make large signs and banners of support for their team. They then go throughout the business community and sell them to local businesses to put up in their store windows. This builds community pride as well as helps pay for the equipment!


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