ColorPro Poster-Printer System

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The FULL-COLOR Poster-Printing System
that Schools have been Asking For!

It’s Finally Here!!! This Is The FULL-COLOR Poster System That Everyone Has Been Waiting For!!!

Transform Your Entire School Into An Enriched-Learning Environment – In Less Than Two Hours!

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A student’s learning environment is one of the most crucial aspects of their (and your school’s) overall success. But how do you change (or maintain) your school’s learning atmosphere into a positive, enriched-learning experience? There are a number of factors which affect a school’s overall environment, with the most obvious and noticeable being… visual perception! Think about it – as soon as you walk into any school or classroom, the first thing you experience is the sight of it. Large, eye-catching, positive visuals, displayed prominently throughout the school, help foster a positive “aura” from the moment someone enters! And there is no better way to create these visuals than with the new ColorPro poster printer! The ColorPro is the remarkable new instructional tool that lets you create giant, full-color poster-size enlargements of any lesson plan, worksheet, photograph or computer file you have! Simply place your document onto the scanning station, click one button, and in less than four minutes, you will be holding a 2’ x 3’ full-color poster! That’s all there is to it! If your school has benefited from using a monochrome poster maker, wait until you see what you can do with this new full-color system! This brochure briefly highlights what it can do for your school!

The Easiest To Use… And Least Expensive To Use… Poster-Making System - Ever!!!

With Presentation Solutions’ new custom-integrated Command Center driving the ColorPro, anyone can make a full-color poster in minutes! Simply place your document or photo onto the scanning station, click the blue button, and in less than four minutes you will be holding a 2’ x 3’ full-color poster! Additionally, any poster from the ColorPro can be heat- or cold-laminated! And if you’ve been concerned about the rising price of other poster printers’ supplies, check this out - a full-color poster of a photograph costs only about $2.75! A poster of a text document costs only about $1.10! With poster prices this cheap, you won’t have to lock up your ColorPro to keep your teachers from using it too much!

Create Your Own Posters – of Instructional Materials, Standards, Expectations and More!

The ColorPro is an essential classroom tool. Teachers are able to create their classroom visuals in just minutes, giving them more time to devote to teaching, as well as more free time at home (which makes for a happier teaching staff)! Teachers are enlarging materials which truly help them to teach – including worksheets, rubrics and sequence charts, classroom reading charts, collaborative learning posters and more. Schools are able to create attention-grabbing, full-color posters of their mission statement, standards, expectations, school rules and test-taking tips. When schools make all of these items into posters, and place them throughout the school, it shows they take education seriously, and the students respond in kind!

Motivate and Reward Students and Faculty with Personalized Posters and Instant Recognition!

Everyone likes to be recognized, and everyone likes to see their name or picture displayed. Now imagine the motivational power that a large, full-color poster displayed with a student’s name and picture can have! From Student of the Month, to Perfect Attendance, to Honor Roll – anything a student (or faculty member, parent or volunteer) does that deserves recognition can be displayed “in a big way” – instantly! In addition, the ColorPro system allows you to place captions and frames directly onto your posters, thus allowing you to personalize any generic photo into a specific award! This type of recognition creates and fosters a positive environment and outlook throughout the school. And wait until you see how great posters of photographs look in full-color!!!

Pre-Designed Templates and Exclusive Software Make Poster Creation A Breeze!

Each ColorPro comes with an exclusive software program, Poster Artist, created specifically for the ColorPro. This program features dozens of pre-designed templates that make custom poster creation a snap! Simply choose a template, type what you want to say, insert your own photo (or one of the hundreds of included clip-art photos), and click “Print.” That’s all there is to it! Any template is fully editable, and can be saved for future use. In addition, you can even print directly from other programs, such as PowerPoint!

Create Banners for Any Occasion, Event or Visitor!

That’s right – Banners!The ColorPro can create a 6-foot full-color banner for as little as $3.90!!! Now your school can have professional-looking, customized banners, not just for any occasion, but rather for every occasion! Just imagine the possibilities – back-to-school, homecoming festivities, dances, award banquets, sporting events, pep rallies, festivals, graduation, and even for when special guests visit your school… the list goes on and on!

The Ultimate Fundraising System!

Fundraising doesn’t have to be a dreaded event! Turn your ColorPro over to your PTA/PTO or Booster Club for an evening, and watch your fundraising efforts soar! Instantly create and sell full-color posters of students in their athletic/cheerleading uniforms, posters of couples and dance pictures, campaign posters for those running for class offices, even personal photos that people can bring to your school’s annual festival! Schools are turning just about any event into a prime fundraising opportunity. They generally charge $10.00 per poster (the cost is around $2.75) and make approximately $7.25 profit for every poster they sell. This is one way in which many schools not only obtain funds to purchase the system, but also how they obtain funds to purchase all of the supplies for the school’s instructional applications!

Recognize & Inspire Students With Powerful, full-color Awards (This Poster Costs Only $2.75!!!)

Fundraising - Sell Posters of Personal Photos At School Festivals & Events!
(Wouldn’t You Pay $10 For This?!!!)

Custom Banners - This 6-Foot Color Banner Costs Less Than $4.00!!!

Instruct, Inspire & Inform - For Instructional Materials, Recognition, and Signage, full-color Makes Such A Difference!!!


It’s As Easy As 1-2-3!!!

Step 1
Place Your Original Onto
The Scanning Station...

Step 2
“Click The Blue Button”...

Step 3
Actually, There Is No Step 3 -
Just Take Your Poster And Go!!!

The Command Center

Command Center for ColorProIncluded with each ColorPro system is Presentation Solutions’ custom-integrated Command Center. The Command Center is a state-of-the-art computer system that is pre-loaded and integrated with all of the software and accessories that you need to make outstanding posters, instantly and easily! This includes the Scanning Station, Poster Artist software, and pre-designed (and editable!!) templates. Most importantly, everything is integrated together to facilitate “one-click” posters! Schools can literally take it out of the box, plug it in and turn it on, and start making full-color posters immediately!!


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