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The Original FULL-COLOR Poster Maker
Made Just For Schools!!

Get a FREE customized banner

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A complete system - not just a "printer-in-a-box!"

The ColorPro is much more than just a printer. It is an entire tum-key system, which includes:

  • Industrial-grade printer: a school can be hard on equipment -this system can take it!
  • Command Center computerized workstation: pre-loaded with software & templates!
  • Professional Scanning Module: easy posters from worksheets, textbooks, & more . .
  • Education-specific templates: hundreds of them - and all specific to schools! Print
    them as-is, or modify them to your heart's content!

All this, plus- because it's a turnkey system- installation is a simple as taking it out of the box
and turning it on!

So easy to use (which makes sure it does get used)!

A system that's too hard to use is a waste of your money! The Color Pro allows you to make posters 3 different ways:

  • "1-Click Printing": for posters from hard-copy items. Simply place your original in the Scanning Module- click the "blue button"- and you're done!
  • School-specific templates: choose from our hundreds of templates, in categories like Instructional; Motivational; Recognition; School Signage; Banners; Fundraising; and many more!
  • PDFs & jump drives: print posters that you've created on any computer - with any
    software program - instantly!

With the ColorPro system, you don't need a degree in Computer Science to be able to make every poster and banner you've ever wanted for your school!

It’s As Easy As 1-2-3!

Step 1
Place Your Original Onto
The Scanning Station...

Step 2
“Click The Blue Button”...

Step 3
Actually, There Is No Step 3 -
Just Take Your Poster And Go!!!

We offer multiple packages to accommodate any budget!

We've worked with schools for more than a quarter -century - so we understand that funds are tight! But we also know that you don't want to skimp- you want the BEST! We've solved that dilemma! We have numerous Packages - one to fit any school's budget. And all of our Packages use the same hardware, software, & templates - so you will get the BEST-no matter which Package you choose!

Request Samples

Use our online form to request samples of the ColorPro Poster System.

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YOUR mascot
YOUR slogan
YOUR school name!

Let us "Prove It!"

Talk is cheap. Let us "prove it" by sending you our various Package options, along with some fabulous samples of what The ColorPro can do for your school! We'll even include a custom 6' banner, specifically for your school! This will be yours to keep - even if you don't choose to go with The ColorPro (although we can't imagine why you wouldn't)!
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